• In business for over 30 years!

    Miller Firewood & Logging has been in business for over 30 years. We specialize in saw timber, forest thinning, wildlife cuts, management plans and firewood.

    Wood is removed with care and attention to detail. All jobs are left looking as clean as possible. We even work with the foresters to make sure that attention is made to problematic areas such as high erosion spots.

    We are licensed and insured.

  • Cut and split or log length firewood

    We sell firewood cut and split to your desired length. The trees are both fell and picked up by machine. Unlike skidding, this method retains the bark without scarring or skinning. We also sell firewood by tree length in 16 foot sections for those who wish to cut and split it themselves. All firewood sold is hardwood and can be purchased either green or seasoned.

  • What size cut and split firewood should you order?

    Every wood stove or furnace is different. You should measure the inside length and subtract 2 inches.

  • Firewood delivered right to your door

    All firewood is delivered with our Freightliner truck that can hold up to 3 cords at a time. The truck is new and reliable.

    We will deliver to anywhere in Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut.

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